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Most Trusted Diamond Buyers in Pune

It is well known that selling your diamond jewellery to Diamond Buyers help you get cash for survival in the emergency. Nowadays, couples mostly buy diamond rings for their engagements. As we are aware that no bride wears it for her entire life, so there is no point to keep it with you unnecessarily. You can resale diamond engagement rings for a good price and purchase another asset as a part of your investment.

When you search for diamond buyer list, you will see that they are few in numbers.So, if you are looking for diamond dealers, who can buy a diamond ring, earring, necklace, pendant, or loose diamonds, then Sai Gold is one of the best diamond buyers in Pune. At Sai Gold, we buy diamonds and jewellery of different types and all sizes.We are one of the most trusted jewellery stores that buy diamonds.Sai Gold is a certified diamond buyer with years of expertise in diamond buying business. We offer instant cash for diamonds after checking its purity through latest German technology. If you check places that buy diamonds, you will find Sai Gold as the most trusted jewellery stores that buy a diamond.

Are you in search of places that buy Diamonds?

  • Certified and expert diamond buyers in pune
  • Free Evaluation of your diamond jewellery
  • German XRF machine for diamond purity check without any damage
  • On the spot cash for your diamond or through RTGS / IMPS
  • Free consultation through phone or online mode
  • Each transaction is dealt with privacy and security

Procedure for selling Diamond/Jewellery at Sai Gold

At Sai Gold, we follow the simple, authentic, and transparent process at the time buying diamond jewellery.

Step: 1
If you want to sell a diamond, you can visit us directly with your asset. At the time of visit, please carry your ID proof with you.

Step: 2
We accept jewellery of all types whether it is old, damaged, or broken.

Step: 3
After submission of jewellery to us, you need not worry about its security. We do damaged free purity testing with the latest German XRF technology.

Step: 4
Our authorized person will interactwith you. He will tell you the highest value possible by deducting 1.25% as our commission from total jewellery valuation.

Step: 5
We will offer you instant cash for your jewelleryor through any other method as per your demand such as RTGS, Fund Transfer, Demand Draft, or Cheque etc.


  • If any discrepancies are found in documents in given documents, we will reject the enquiry.
  • If you are not happy with the given evaluation results, then we will return your jewellery without deducting commission fee.

Which Diamond Jewellery we buy at Sai Gold?

Rings Bracelet
Pendant Loose Diamonds
Necklace Chain

Our Payment Methods

At Sai Gold, we facilitate you with a number of payment methods for your convenience.

You may opt for cash if it is within a limit and it will not lead to any security issues for carrying with you.

In case your jewellery worth is on a higher side, we may give you the cheque payment as per your convenience.

Factors to know before selling diamond

Documentation is Important but Not Necessary

It is always good to have all documents related to your jewellery as it helps buyers to carry out the accurate evaluation. However, we do understand that many times your documents may get misplaced. Being an expert diamond broker, Sai Gold buys your asset without forcing for paperwork.

Diamonds Age Doesn’t Decide its Worth

Many people think that with age jeans, leather shoes, or whiskey, diamond also get better. But this is not true; there is no relation between diamonds age and its value. Its price is depending on current market status, the condition of jewellery, and buyer purchasing it. All you need do is choosing the perfect buyer for your asset.

Not Necessary to Clean Your Jewellery Before Selling

It is not necessary to clean your jewellery before selling. Expert jewellery buyer scan easily evaluate your assets value even if it is not clean. There are different techniques and parameters that buyers use to test the purity of any jewellery. Based on this your assets worth is calculated.