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Emergency Money

Most of the people face trouble at least once in their life where they urgently need some money. This could be due to some natural disaster, medical emergency, or some other tragedy. This is the time when selling old jewelry can fulfill your need. We give you the best solution to overcome your financial crisis.

Easy Process and Evaluation

We make your jewellery selling process quick and simple. When you visit our store we will sort your items by testing the purity and weighing your gold. After this, we will offer you instant cash.

Latest German XRF Machine

We use latest XRF machine for checking the purity of gold. This latest technology conducts test securely without any type of gold melting or damage. This ensures your gold remains in original condition.

Spot Cash Payment

We understand your true feeling behind selling your gold. That is why we give spot cash payment when you sell gold at our store.

Ans. - If you are looking to sell your gold, you should select a buyer who is fulfilling following things.

Certified Buyer

When you think of selling your jewellery to a gold buyer, selecting a certified buyer is the most important thing. Certified buyers follow genuine buying practices, which ensures good selling experience.

Business Expertise

Gold buyers should have years of expertise in gold buying business. Selling your jewellery to experienced buyer help you to get a good value.

Transparent & Simplified Work Process

You should choose a jewellery buyer who follows transparent work process. This helps you to understand jewellery selling process thoroughly

Ans. - There are different factors while calculating the value.


When you approach buyer for selling gold. They firstly check for its weight. This is the first step for evaluation of gold.


Gold buyers conduct a test for checking the purity of gold. This is the most crucial factor in jewellery selling process.

Market Status

The current market condition does impact the final evaluation. Depending on current market price your gold's value changes.

Ans. - We have customer friendly and expert staff, ready to offer you instant cash for gold. We are well known in the industry as the best paymaster who offers high payouts compared to others. Being a certified buyer, we check your jewellery in front of you and offer you cash on the spot.

Ans. - Finding a good buyer is important for you to get a value that is worth for selling your gold. You should follow following parameters to find a trustworthy gold buyer.

Find List of Gold Buyers

First of all, find out a list of all buyers present in your areas. This offers you the multiple options to choose from.

Find Certified Buyers

From a list of gold buyers, find out who are the certified buyers. Selling your jewellry to certified buyers help you to get the best value.

Compare Buyers

Carry out compare research on the basis of pricing system of different buyers. It helps you to find the best buyer for your valuable asset.

Ans. - We aim for the best customer friendly service when you approach us for selling gold. We believe that being transparent is the most crucial factor in both buying and selling, which is the reason why we are known as the most honest gold buyers in the industry. So if you're searching, where to sell gold coins? Sai Gold is the perfect place to experience comfortable selling experience.

Ans. - You can sell gold in Pune online. visit our website Here you will get all the details that you need for selling your jewellery. You just need to fill one simple form and our support staff will get back to you with details.

Ans. - Sai Gold is the best place for you to sell diamond jewellery in Pune. We offer high payouts compare to others when you sell diamond jewellery at our store.

Ans. - Basically, there are multiple factors that are used while deciding the price of diamonds. Among all these, following are the four crucial factors that play a major role in valuation.


Most Diamond jewelleries are colorless with a shade of gray, yellow, or brown. Colorless diamonds are rare to find and hence paid higher on selling.


This is the complex factor of price determination. Diamond cutting is still performed by human workers. Its worth depends on how well a diamond cutter cuts a diamond. It decides how much it will spark and attract viewer’s eye.


It is also referred to the number of “inclusions" found in a diamond. Inclusion means how many trace minerals, scratches, or other small characteristics that distinguishes a particular diamond from others. With the increase in number of characteristics, the price of a diamond also gets increased.

Carat Weight

Many people get confused about “carat” whether it is about weight, size, or shape. When someone talks about carat, they specifically talk about diamonds weight. Any buyer considers the diamond weight as a major factor in determining the price of diamonds.

Ans. - There are various parameters that you should consider while determining the best place to sell diamonds. Following are some of the major parameters that will help you to find the best buyer for your diamonds.

Compare Research

Most Diamond jewelleries are colorless with a shade of gray, yellow, or brown. Colorless diamonds are rare to find and hence paid higher on selling.

Certified Buyer

Choosing a certified buyer to sell diamondsis the crucial step that you should take wisely. You need to make sure that your diamond buyer is certified and having expertise in the same business.

Transparent Process

The buyer will always give you the freedom to make choice whether you want to sell your diamond or not. Ideal buyer operates through a transparent process, which makes sure you know every single detail that you should know while selling your diamond.

Selling Diamonds for Cash

If you are looking for a place where you can get a good price for your diamond then Sai Gold is the most trustworthy place where you can sell diamonds for cash. Here you will get the price that is worth for selling your asset.

Ans. - It is difficult to find a perfect diamond buyer on which you can trust completely. For finding a trustworthy diamond buyer you need to consider following things.

Buying Process

Genuine buyers always follow transparency in the buying process. They will carry out a proper evaluation of your asset, which helps you understand the actual worth of your valuables.

Certified Buyers

You must make sure your diamond buyer is a certified buyer with years of experience. It assures you the genuine buying process experience.

Ans. - People sell their diamond engagement rings for different reasons such as they need some fund, want to upgrade to the latest fashion, got bored wearing the same type of jewellery, and many more. There are multiple places where you can sell your ring. But how will you get maximum value for your diamond? Sai Gold is the best place to sell your diamond ring, where you can rest assured of getting a high price for your diamond ring.

Ans. - Finding the perfect buyer for your engagement ring is a tricky thing. You need to follow some practices for successful selling experience.

Online & Offline Research

Research your buyers online as well as offline for checking buyer’s reputation in the business. Check buyer’s official website and read previous buyers reviews to find the quality of service offered by them.

Compare Prices

Your engagement ring is the precious thing for you and you surely expect good returns on its sell. Try to compare different buyers on the basis of prices offered by them for diamond jewellery.

Physical Location

Make sure your engagement ring buyer has a physical location. One to one meeting is always better for analyzing the real value of your asset. It also ensures safety and security of your valuables.

Ans. - Sai Gold is the most trusted diamond buyer in Pune. You can contact us at 8847733054 or or You can also directly visit our store: 221 Sterling Center, Opposite Hotel Aurora Tower, Above Barista, M. G. Road, Camp, Pune, Maharashtra - 411001.

Ans. - When we discuss what to look for in a diamond, there are certain things which come to our mind. However, expert diamond dealersconsider 4C's to evaluate any diamond. These 4C's are listed below:


Basically, diamonds are colorless with some shade of brown, gray, and yellow. Totally colorless diamonds are rare to find and hence priced higher.

Carat Weight

Diamond buyer check for the its weight in the very first phase of diamonds buying process. Higher weight certainly increases the price of a diamond.


How well a diamond is cut tells how much it will attract viewer’s eye. Well-cut diamonds shines well and hence priced higher.


It is mostly related to its diamonds characteristics that distinguish it from other diamonds. Obviously, a diamond with more characteristics gets a higher price.

Ans. - You can sell your silver for instant cash at Sai Gold. All you need to do is visit our store and enjoy simple selling process. We follow simple procedure with which you can sell your silver comfortably.

• Carry your ID proof for identification purpose

• Bring your old or used silver which you want to sell

• We will check purity of your silver with latest German XRF machine

• We offer the highest possible

• If you agree to our offer, we will give you instant cash

Ans. - You can sell silver ornaments offline to jewellery shops, pawn shop, or other financiers. But selling your silver to jewellery shop ensures worry-free selling experience. You can also get high pay outs from jewellery shop if it is reputed one. Sai Gold is the perfect place to sell silver ornaments offline with the highest level of security.

Ans. - When you try to sell silver, there are many businesses who misguide you and follow illegal procedures. With Sai Gold, you can experience a most secured way to sell your silver. We have an excellent track record with previous sellers. We make sure you feel satisfied with cash for silver you get. At Sai Gold, you will experience a safe and effortless selling process.

Ans. - When you want instant cash for your silver, Sai Gold is here to help you with the highest cash offers. We make sure you feel fully comfortable while selling your silver. Today and now is the best time to sell your silver items. All you need to do is visit our store and we’ll take care of the rest.

Ans. - At Sai Gold, we believe in doing the best business to get more business. We are known as the best established and loyal businesses in Pune. With years of expertise in buying business, we know the real value of your asset. We offer the highest pay outs compared to others.

Ans. - If you're still finding the perfect place where you can sell your silver coins then your wait is over. Sai Gold is the ideal place for you to sell your silver coins with ease and highest price. You can sell your silver coins at Sai Gold with the highest level of security.

Ans. - If you are searching for genuine jewellery shop where you can sell silver items then your search is over. Sai Gold is the most trusted and reputed in India where you can sell silver bullions, coins, and bars with the assurance of highest pay outs. We provide easy to understand pricing system and live price updates which assist you to sell your silver when prices goup.

Ans. - We follow customer friendly procedure to ensure customer feel completely satisfied with our service.

• When you visit us with the requirement of releasing gold, you need to bring your gold purchase documents and invoice.

• After document verification we will visit bank location with a customer. We will pay the required amount to release pledged gold.

• We will conduct purity check of your jewellery at our store outlet. After successful test completion Sai Goldwill buyback the jewellery and pay you the remaining amount after deducting the amount paid for releasing your gold.

Ans. - We not only help you to release your gold but we also buy it back for a good cash. We maintain transparency in every single step of our process. This ensures the safety of your asset and handsome pay outs on buying your valuables.

Ans. - We can help you to release your gold, silver, diamond, and other jewelleries as per your request. You just need to contact us and tell your requirement.

Ans. - Yes. We have a physical office in Pune where you can come & meet us to inquire about our services. However, it is better to contact us on 8847733054 or you can write a mail on