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Gold Loan Transfer / Top Up on Existing Gold Loan

Gold Loan Transfer from One Bank to Another

We all follow a common practice of availing loan against gold. This practice has been followed from many years to get quick fund in emergency conditions. People usually prefer to take a gold loan from multinational banks. However, it is quite well-known that these banks offer loan up to only 50% of gold’s existing value which is far less. We at Sai Gold understand the trouble faced by people when they get stuck into financial crisis. For helping people in such critical situations, we have come up with our new service i.e. gold loan transfer from one bank to another. Under which we offer a 95% loan amount on the gold’s actual value.

Sai Gold also offers a service of the top-up existing gold loan. Under this service, one can get an additional loan amount on the existing gold loan. You can take benefit of this service for generating additional funds for different reasons. With the help of this facility, you can finance for home renovation, functions, agriculture, child’s education, and business operations.

In case your current loan lender refuses your requirement for a loan top-up service then you can also get gold loan transfer from one bank to another i.e. Sai Gold. We come to your rescue in such a situation performs gold loan takeover. You can easily avail gold loan transfer facility if you have a consistent history of repaying the loan amount. If you have paid your EMIs as per schedule, then you can get excellent top up on existing gold loan.

Key Benefits of Gold Loan Transfer at Sai Gold Trading

  • Get 30% More on Your Existing Loan Value
  • Flexible Loan repayment options
  • Loan Top Up with Competitive Loan Rates
  • Avail Loan Top Up within 30 Minutes
  • 365 Days Open for Your Service
  • Annual Percentage Rate offered to the customer during the period of Apr'21 to March'21*.
  • Min APR - 12%, Max APR - 18%
  • Repayment schedule: Monthly and Max - 6 Months
  • Processing Fees Zero

When to Opt for Top Up On Existing Gold Loan / Gold Loan Transfer Service

  • When you need quick funds to come out of the financial crisis.
  • Generating instant money for business expansion, education, etc.
  • You have already taken a gold loan on which you have paid continuous EMIs.
  • You want a loan with minimal documentation and in less time.
  • You require gold loan at a lesser rate of interest than the existing one.

Gold Top Up Loans Interest Rates

The top-up loan interest rates are generally based on the loan tenure. At Sai Gold, you can avail this service with competitive gold loan interest rates.

Top Up Loan Eligibility

An individual can apply for the top up loan service in case there is already an existing gold loan taken. It is also necessary that the borrower has made the payment timely. One can avail top-up loan from an existing lender or else apply for a gold loan balance transfer with Sai Gold. In such cases, you can get a top-up loan from Sai Gold on your existing loan.

Gold Top Up Loan Amount

Your top-up amount varies with your existing loan amount and its tenure. It also depends on the value of the mortgaged gold. At Sai Gold, we provide the best top up on existing gold loan. You just need to visit us with your requirement and walk out with the smile on your face taking desired loan amount with you.

Top Up Loan Processing time

At Sai Gold, top-up loans processing and disbursal is made in the shortest time. After a quick evaluation of gold, the loan amount is decided. At the same time, you can take your top up loan amount with you without wasting any unnecessary time.

Why Sai Gold Trading for Gold Loan Transfer / Top up on Existing Gold Loan?

Below key features make Sai Gold ideal place to avail top-up on existing gold loan service.

No Extra Charges: : In case you have already taken a gold loan then the top-up loan can be availed without paying any extra charges. You just need to pay a ZERO fee to get top-up on existing gold loan.

Affordable Interest Rates: Sai gold offers loan against gold with most affordable rates. In addition, the top-up loans also are offered with the cheaper interest rates.

Less Documentation: At Sai Gold, we save your precious time by reducing the extra time required for long fledged documentation process. We carry out quick verification of your document instantly.