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Release Pledged Gold and Buy In Pune Home / Sell Gold

Release Pledged Gold and Get Instant Cash

In Indian Community most of the time people pledged gold and silver jewellery to banks, pawn shop, pawn brokers, pawn dealer or financiers for various purposes. Sometimes people depend on their assets to raise fund for buying a property, children education, wedding, medical emergency, paying vehicle loan, and many other things. Most of the times people fail to pay interest due to its higher rates and as a result of this fail to release pledged gold. This eventually becomes a heart breaking thing for you.

Do you have any gold pledged to some bank, pawn shop, or pawn broker?Are you searching for jewelers that will release pledged gold and buy it back for cash? You will get to know that there few jewellery shops who release gold on behalf of you and offer instant cash for gold. Sai Gold is the best jewellery buyers who will help you to release pledged gold and offer money for gold.You need not worry about anything during this process. We will take care of everything from releasing your pledged gold to offering you the best price for your gold.

Nowadays, you can find a number of places where you can sell gold and silver. Also, you can find multiple jewellery buyers near your place who buys your gold. But when it comes to trust and transparency to sell gold, the options are really limited. Because of this, you may get a question in your mind that “where can I sell gold?” No worry, we are here to provide the be stone-stop solution to your query.We provide all the answers to your questions with the simple and transparent process. We accept all types of used gold and in return, we offer you the best price worth for it. The most simple and sensible way to sell jewellery is to calculate how much amount you take home after selling your gold jewellery. If you compare all competitors price, you will find that our pricesare the best among all.

At Sai Gold, customer satisfaction is on top of our priority list. This is the reason why we help every individual who is in trouble due to pledged gold. Sai Gold is among the fewest in offering Release Pledged and Buy Gold in Pune, who help customers to release their gold. One step ahead of all, we are also among rarest who buy gold after its release.

Release and Buy Pledged Gold Service Charges

  • Charges starting from 36 Rs./gram
  • Highest Per Gram Rate
  • Flexible Repayment Options
  • Multiple payment methods available
  • Annual Percentage Rate offered to the customer during the period of Apr'21 to March'21*.
  • Min APR - 12%, Max APR - 18%
  • Repayment schedule: Monthly and Max - 6 Months
  • Processing Fees Zero

Still confused where to sell gold?

  • Certified and expert gold buyers
  • Free Evaluation of your jewellery
  • German XRF machine for purity check without any damage
  • Spot cash offer or we can pay through RTGS / IMPS as per your requirement
  • Free consultation through phone or online mode
  • Each transaction is dealt with privacy and security
  • No Damage or melting of gold jewelry
  • We do not remove beads/stones for evaluation

Release Pledged Gold And Get Instant Cash

Step: 1
You need to present pledged documents to us for verification purpose.

Step: 2
If submitted documents are found authentic, we visit the bank location with customer, pay the outstanding gold loan amount and releasepledged gold.

Step: 3
After evaluation,we will give you a spot offer by deducting 1.25% as our commission from total gold jewellery valuation.

Step: 4
After confirmation from your end, you will get instant cash on the spot or by any other way as per your demand.

Step: 5
After confirmation from your end, our staff will join you to release pledged gold after paying loan amount to bank or pawn broker.


  • If any discrepancies are found while verifying your documents, we can reject your enquiry at any point of time.

Our Payment Methods

At Sai Gold, we facilitate you with a number of payment methods for your convenience.

You may opt for cash if it is within a limit and it will not lead to any security issues for carrying with you.

In case your jewellery worth is on the higher side, we may give you the cheque payment as per your convenience.

We can pay through RTGS, Fund Transfer, or Demand Draft as per your requirement.

Factors to Find Out Genuine Buyer

Make Buyers List

When you are going to sell your jewellery, you should start with finding a list of buyers present in the market. Once you get a list of buyers, try to cut down the buyers who are not certified by official authorities.

Compare Buyers

When you are going to sell your jewellery, you should start with finding a list of buyers present in the market. Once you get a list of buyers, try to cut down the buyers who are not certified by official authorities.

Personal Meeting

It is always better to visit buyers store outlet. This helps you to know the real value of your jewellery. After receiving details regarding valuation, you can decide whether you want to sell your asset for the offered price or not.

Our Features

  • Free Gold Evaluation service
  • Certified Gold/ Diamond Buyer
  • 100% Price Match Guaranty
  • Total Jewellery Valuation = GoldWeight × Gold Purity % × Curren Online Rate
  • Transparent Deal
  • Instant RTGS / IMPS / Cash Service
  • We check purity of gold by latestGerman XRF machine
  • No weight loss or damage to thejewellery while testing
  • Customer Satisfaction
  • We provide online prevailing goldrate
  • We do not remove stones / beads /diamonds for valuation