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Diamond Valuation

Diamond Valuation 


Diamond valuation is a specialized process that not every jewellery company provide. It takes years of experience and high expertise to conduct the proper process to give an accurate valuation of a diamond jewellery. It is important to understand that there is clear distinction between diamond grading system and diamond valuation.


The diamond grading system figure out the characteristics of diamond whereas diamond valuation process brings out the actual market value of a diamond. The valuation process of diamond starts with deciding its quality and estimating the retail market price.


There are few jewellery companies like Sai Gold Trading Co in the market that have trained expert staff in gemmology and valuation. As your precious jewellery is at stake, you must put extra efforts in finding the best company to get the valuation of the diamond. The company should be authorized and well equipped to carry out the process.


The diamond valuation jewellery involves the separate valuation of metal in use and diamond’s actual value. The metal used in the formation of jewellery can be a gold, platinum, or silver.


There are various factors that decide the value of diamond such as its characteristics color, clarity, cut, and carat. These four 'C' primarily plays a major role in the process.  There are some renowned diamond certification labs such as GIA, AGS, EGL, and IGI. It is uttermost important to visit the authorized jewellery company for valuation of diamond.


The authorized companies usually equipped with the expert staff and all the required equipment for the accurate valuation process for a diamond. It is good if you have diamond certificate with you during valuation of diamond. This makes valuation process easier. However, even if you do not have it you need not to worry as diamond valuators can carry out the process without it.

Factors Considered in the Diamond Valuation 


Below are the major factors the plays a crucial role in the diamond valuation if you are going to sell diamond at local shopping. 


·         Diamond Cut


Diamonds value gets recognized with the cut of the diamond. The way diamond is cut impacts how it reflects light which enhances its beauty with shine.


·         Diamond Color


Diamond comes with a white or colorless type which also consists of different shades. Depending on the color shade of diamond the value of diamond also gets change. 


·         Diamond Carat


Diamond carat weight directly correlated with the base price of a diamond.  In general, diamonds of equal weight don’t come with the same size. There are various depth and proportions which eventually result in different weight and size combinations.


·         Diamond Clarity


Diamond clarity considered as the crucial deciding factor in the valuation of diamond jewellery. It is recognized on the basis of a number of internal inclusions and surface blemishes.


If you are planning to sell diamond jewellery for a quick cash then you can contact Sai Gold Trading. Here you can get a quick valuation of the diamond through a completely fair and transparent process. Sai Gold is equipped with experienced staff who possess high expertise in examining and giving the accurate valuation of a diamond.