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Gold Loan in Delhi

Gold Loan in Delhi

Being the capital of India, Delhi is the home to various institutions and headquarters of all Government Departments and Ministries. It also has some of the richest individuals in the nation and is one of the four metro cities in the country.

Sometimes, it is characterized by the large demand for gold by its people which becomes the reason for the large number of gold and jewelry outlets, showrooms and gold loans providing institutions like banks and NBFC’S.

A gold loan is the best way to get rid of your financial debts and worries. Because of its fast processing factor and easy availability, it has now become one of the most chosen and trusted loans by the people in Delhi. Loan against Gold in Delhi has now become common amongst the citizens. It also helps people with low credit scores to meet their immediate cash needs and raise funds for themselves. With it, Gold loan facilities in Delhi have also become cheap and affordable.

One of the best parts about a gold loan in Delhi is that they can be paid in easy equated monthly Installments. Furthermore in Gold Loan, gold jewellery is put as collateral, so there is not much documentation required and could be easily availed.

Loan against gold is the fastest and cheapest way out of all the loans. Gold loan is hassle-free and offers instant cash facility and also doesn’t check the history of the borrower. When a Gold is pledged in return of real cash, it is called a Gold Loan.

They have lower rates of interests lower than personal loans because they fall under the category of secured. They are easy to use, fast, reliable and involve a hassle-free process. A maximum of Rs10, 00,000 loan amount could be taken by pledging your gold. However, the amount may differ with the weight and quality of Gold you want to pledge. A minimum of 30gm of gold should be with you to avail of the gold loan.

How to apply for a Gold Loan in Delhi?

Are you from Delhi and in urgent cash requirements? Then pledge your Gold with us and take home the real cash money with you.

  1. To avail the gold loan facility, you can visit the nearest Gold Loan providing center with Gold in your hand and proofs of identity like Driving License / PAN Card / Form 60/61 / Passport Copy / Voter ID Card / Aadhaar Card / Ration Card), two passport size photographs and address proof.

  2. You should also check that you are 21 or above of age and eligible for this.

  3. Next, you will be asked to fill out an application form and in the time being your gold will be evaluated by bank’s representatives.

  4. Within a few hours, you will be handed over the loan amount.

  5. Alternatively, you can also apply for the Gold loan by registering online. After online registration, the bank’s representative shall visit you and there will be a proper on-door verification of the gold and you are handed over the cash immediately.

How does Gold Loan work?

Gold Loans works in quite a simple way. Banks or NBFC’S take the gold from you which you want to pledge. Once the gold is checked and all the documents formalities are completed by bank officials, they provide you with funds against your gold ornament which depends upon the gold weight.

Because they have a fast approval process, therefore, they are easy to be availed by anyone if the individual is looking for cash in urgency. But one should be as much careful while looking for a good loan providing institutions in Delhi. There are various Gold Loan companies in Delhi and the market is surrounded by fraudsters who can charge higher interest rates from you and can close down in between leaving you at a loss.

It’s always better that you go for private banks or NBFC instead of local lenders. While putting your gold for Loan make sure you have a good of 18k or higher which is acceptable in the market. Also, you should be informed of the initial price of your gold in the market at the time you are lending it so that you get what you deserve.

You also need not worry if your credit score is low as the Gold loan doesn’t ask it for. Even individuals with a bad credit score can avail of the loan. It also does not check the borrower’s history and profession.

Whether you are a housewife or a daily wage worker, either way, you are eligible for availing the Gold loan facility. Gold is checked and verified by the bank’s representative within a few minutes. Once you are done with the necessary documents formalities, you can take your cash with you. This is the best part of them.

Sai Gold for all your Gold Loan Needs

Sai Gold is the best Gold Loan in Delhi. Sai Gold has the lowest interest rates in gold loans at an affordable repayment price. It also provides you the best Gold Loan rate in Delhi. After joining hands with us, you don’t have to worry about repayment price and time.

We make the fast approval of lowest interest rates gold loans with minimum document requirements and at no hidden cost.

Our features

  • Free valuation
  • Instant liquidity
  • Best interest rates
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If you have Gold with yourself and are looking for the loan against Gold, then Sai Gold is the best available option for you.

Gold Loan Tenure Period :

The maximum tenure of a Gold loan in Delhi Gold loan tenures is not much and they are generally short-term with average tenures being for 12 months. However, some may even extend to 5 years which is seemingly a long one. Tenures could even differ with banks. So you must be sure while borrowing if you can pay within the specified time frame.

You can also pay the amount earlier than the tenure period. Sometimes the prepayment facility is availed by most of the customers. There is a Flexible repayment policy available and the borrower does not need to worry much about repaying the loan amount. So if you are in financial inconsistency or looking for urgent money to pay for other loans, then you should go for a loan against gold without a second thought.


The gold loan process is very fast. The only time taken here is to verify your documents and check your gold’s quality. With it being properly done, you can take your cash with you.

Generally, the Gold Loan tenure is of 12 months while in some cases it can go up to 5 years.

Usually, the per gram loan amount ranges between Rs2500-Rs25000 for every bank. A maximum amount of Rs.10,00,000 can be availed.

Gold loans have lower interest rates than personal loans. They have a fast approval rate with minimum document requirements. Gold loans are hassle-free and a quick process.