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Gold loan in Mumbai

Gold loan in Mumbai

Being one of the largest consumers of Gold in the world, India’s demand for gold keeps on increasing exponentially. We have been using gold to make ornamental objects and jewelry for thousands of years. It is also used for decoration and sometimes for luck too. But do you know the gold in India can be used for taking loans also? And people now in India are using it for the same.

the Mumbai, known as the Dream city of India contributes to a larger demand for gold in India. With the rising percentage in demand for gold, Gold loan facilities in Mumbai have also become cheap and affordable.

Now taking a Gold Loan in Mumbai has become so much easier and fast. Gold loans are safe, fast, reliable, affordable and with lowest interest rates secured loans. They are, in many ways better than normal personal loans. Not only their tenure period is better than the personal loans but they also exceed the latter in terms of their fast approval, lowest interest rates and minimum paperwork. People, who are in urgent need of cash, are now heading for a Gold loan rather than traditional personal loans. So if you are in financial inconsistency or looking for urgent money to pay for other loans, then you should go for a loan against gold without a second thought. Their interest rates are usually lower than that of normal loans because they fall under the category of secured loans. The best part about them is that they are approved very fast and cash is in your hands within hours after necessary verification. You come with gold in your hand and return with real cash and 100% satisfaction. However, the loan amount depends upon the weight of the gold you want to lend. A minimum of 30gm of gold should be with you to avail of the gold loan. Sai Gold is the best gold loan provider in Mumbai

There is no doubt that Gold loans are better than personal loans in some of the particular terms. While it is easy to avail of the Gold loan facility in Mumbai, unlikely it is as much difficult to find the safe and trustworthy hands in which you can put in your Gold. So to resolve this, we come to your service. Sai Gold brings you the best opportunity to avail the lowest interest rates gold loans at an affordable repayment price. We have experienced and honest staff members and so its totally safe for you to put your gold with us and take your loan money with you instantly.

Why Sai Gold for gold loan?

We have been well-known for providing gold loans in all-around the Mumbai city. And the reasons why a lot of people want to take gold the loan from us are-

- Free valuation

- Best interest rates

- Fast approval

- Minimum documentation

- No hidden charges

We have made hundreds of happy customers until now. Now it’s your chance to be one of them.

Have some Gold?
Need urgent money?

Welcome, you can come to us anytime, we will make the best use of your Gold for you, keep it safe and provide you with your required money too.

Features of Gold Loan in Mumbai

The following points will help you understand why Gold loans are better than personal loans for urgent cash requirements.

1. It doesn’t depend on the Credit score. Even individuals with a bad credit score can avail of the loan. It also does not check the borrower’s history and profession.

2. They are fast. Gold is checked and verified by the bank’s representative within a few minutes. Once you are done with the necessary documents formalities, you can take your cash with you. This is the best part of them.

3. Lower rate of interest than that on personal loans. Since gold loans come under the category of secured loans, they have relatively lower rates of interest.

4. Flexible repayment- The borrower does not need to worry much about repaying the loan amount. Sometimes, there is a prepayment facility also available.

5. Tenure extending to 5 years and that depends upon the buyer.

How to apply for a gold loan in Navi Mumbai?

Walk into the nearest lenders/bank providing a gold loan where you want to avail the loan facility. You should have gone Gold loan procedure the necessary documents with you which include any proof of identification(Driving License / PAN Card / Form 60/61 / Passport Copy / Voter ID Card / Aadhaar Card / Ration Card), two passport size photographs and address proof. You should also have your gold with you to avail of the loan facility. Also, you should also check your eligible factors to avail of the gold loan facility. You can also be asked to fill out an application form. Following it, your gold will be evaluated by the bank’s representatives. And once all the paperwork is completed, you will be handed over the loan amount.

However, some banks/lenders also provide door-to-door gold loan facility wherein you apply for a gold loan online and following it, the bank’s representative shall visit you and there will be a proper on- door verification of the gold and you are handed over the cash immediately.

How Gold loans can help you in an emergency?

Gold loans are the best way to meet immediate cash needs. Because they don’t involve much of the paperwork and gold loan process is hassle-free with minimum document formalities, they are the best option to go for. They could really help you in times of financial crunch, economic depression, and cash urgency. Many banks and NBFC’s provide this facility and can be easily availed by anyone. They don’t need to share their history, credit score and profession also. Whether you are self-employed or a housewife, you are eligible to avail of the gold loan. You should be more than 21 years of age and should have enough gold to pledge.

FAQ about the Gold loan in Mumbai

Gold loan is the brightest option available to you in times of immediate cash needs and financial instability. You can always go for it without a second thought.

Due to its secured nature, gold loan is the best available loan than the personal loans. It has the lowest interest rates than personal loans and the loan process is hassle-free with not much paperwork required.

Gold loan is totally safe until it is in good and safe hands. However, some lenders work for their individual interests and can shut down leaving you at loss. It’s always better to take loans from certified banks and NBFC’S.

The loan amount depends upon the amount/weight of Gold your pledge. They check for the quality of the gold and provide you with the appropriate loan amount. Usually, If your loan amount is 50-60% of the total calculated value of the gold, then your interest will likely be lower than the rate when your demanding value is comparatively high.

Anyone who is above 21 years of age is eligible to apply for a gold loan. Apart from it, you should also have a valid Identification proof along with address proof and two passport size photograph of the borrower.

The gold loan comes under the category of secured loans. This is the reason why they have relatively lower interest rates than personal loans.

Gold loans have lower interest rates than personal loans. They are approved fast with minimum document requirements. Gold loans are hassle-free and the gold loan is a quick process. On the other hand, personal loans involve a hectic process of verification and paperwork. They also check borrower’s history and credit score while it’s not there in Gold loans. In short, gold loans are better than personal loans for immediate money needs.