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How to Check Gold Purity ?

How to Check Gold Purity at Home? 


Since ancient times people keep gold with them as one of the most precious items. Be it an urban area or rural area, everyone likes to purchase gold. Especially women never miss any single chance to buy a gold for them.


Majority of people prefer to buy gold in the form of jewellery. The gold jewellery adds more elegance to your personality as well as it comes pretty handy in your financial crisis to raise the quick money. So if you are also planning to visit gold buyer then you can definitely go for it without having any second thought in your mind.


However, the most important thing that you must keep in mind is to always go for a gold with higher purity. You may get confused with this term and think how to check gold purity. But no need to worry about it.


Here below are some things with the help of which you can check the gold purity.


  • BIS Standard Mark

You must look for a BIS standard mark on the gold which you are planning to purchase. The BSI is a certified hallmarking system for gold which is used in India. This mark on gold certifies that the particular piece follows the Bureau of International Standards.


  • Carat Grading

Carat grading system is also the major way to find out the purity of gold. Carat is used to measure the purity level of a gold jewellery. This system categorizes gold from 8 carats to 24 carats. You can easily get to know the gold purity from this system.


  • Hallmarking Logo

When check gold you will find BIS stamp on it. It means that the particular gold item is made as per the standards of BIS and follows all standards guidelines. However, this system is optional in India as there are many jewellers who have their own hallmark or no hallmark at all.


  • Jewellers Identification Mark

There are many jewellers who put their BSI identification mark of certified jewellers on gold. This states that the jewellery belongs to BSI certified jewellers which ensures that the gold passed all the standard guidelines.

  • XRF Fluorescence Spectrometer Test

The XRF fluorescence spectrometer is the latest advanced equipment that used for checking the gold purity. This machine determines the exact purity of gold that is under test. You can contact authorized jewellers such as Sai Gold Trading who equipped with such machine and hence you can rest assured of the purity of gold you are planning to purchase.