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Valuation of Gold

Gold Valuation 


The universe of gold is more complicated than how it appears at first place. However, the proper knowledge and expertise can bring simplicity in understanding the world of gold. If you are looking for a place to evaluate your gold; it is necessary to understand that professional valuation is not merely a case of examining the item and estimating a price.


The gold valuation includes a complex process which requires both human expertise along with modern technological equipment’s. Such rigorous process helps to determine the real quality and total value of a gold. There are many gold companies in India who claims themselves as the best evaluator for a jewellery.


You need to be extremely careful while submitting your gold for valuation. It is always good to choose the authorized gold company who follows transparent valuation process.


On a broader scale, jewellery is classified into two categories: Solid Gold Jewellery and Soldered Gold Jewellery.


Gold Valuation of Solid Jewellery 


The jewellery without any joining, soldering or layers is recognized as solid jewellery. There are several pieces of jewellery that come into this category such as a Gold Ring, Gold Bangle, Gold Kada, etc.


The valuation process for solid jewellery differs from another jewellery type. For the evaluation of solid jewellery, a skin test is conducted with the help of XRF laser machine. This helps to find the real purity of a jewellery item.


Gold Valuation of Soldered Jewellery


Soldered jewellery is usually made up of complex artwork designs. The different parts are assembled together with the help of soldering. This category includes different types of Gold Jewellery which are formed by soldering different artwork pieces into a single item.


For this gold jewellery type, the evaluation is carried out using an XRF laser machine. However, the XRF gives different purity value at a different point in time. The valuation of soldered jewellery differs from the valuation of solid jewellery.


When we discuss the most accurate way for purity evaluation it differs from the general process. To determine the exact value, the ornament is melted to uniform purity bar.


Q & A Section on Gold Valuation 


·         Can gold valuation be done without damaging or melting the ornament?


Yes, indeed Sai Gold have a modern technological advanced equipment’s such as XRF laser machine which helps to determine the exact purity of a metal.



·         How much time does it take for gold valuation process? 


With the help of XRF, it merely takes 4 minutes to get the valuation of the item. At Sai Gold, you can experience the quickest and transparent valuation process.


·         Is the gold valuation free?


Not always. Most jewellery buyers do take evaluation charge which ranges from Rs. 150 to Rs. 200 per ornament. There are few companies like Sai Gold Trading, Pune who conduct a valuation of your ornaments absolutely free of cost.