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Where to Sell Gold Jewellery

Where to Sell Gold Jewellery?

There are different ways you can sell gold for instant cash. Some people use the online platform to sell their gold and other choose jewellers. Even if you have options available to sell gold there is a higher possibility that you will get stuck on where to sell gold.

Step 1: Know Your Right Options

1. Selling your gold to local jewellery stores.

There are many jewellers in the market who sell and buy gold. However, it is important to understand that for most of the jewellers their core business is to sell gold not buying. So whenever they buy gold from customers they offer lesser value.

They try to overcome the investment they have made in their infrastructure, manpower, and advertisements. If you want to stay away from such a loss then it is important for you to know the ideal way and place to sell gold.

2. Do not sell gold to Pawn shops.

Pawn shops (also called as pawnbroker) are just third party which offers loan on personal property of collateral. As these peoples are not professionals in gold buying business. Also they offer very less value to your gold jewellery.

3. Visit Multiple Gold Buyers or Jewellery Shops.

If you have more gold to sell, then it is better to visit multiple gold buying companies. This gives a fair idea about getting total value of your gold jewellery. Most of time you get online rate but you need to check on the same day.

4. Equipped with Technology and Professionals.

With today's technological world, the life of businesses has become easy. In recent time, there are numerous advanced equipment’s introduced for the gold sector. Such equipment’s help gold buyers to carry out the different tasks accurately such as gold purity check and valuation. So when you are going to sell your gold make sure the buyer has got all the advanced equipment’s that are required to carry out the fair gold buying process.

6. Knowing Core Gold Buyers.

If you have decided to sell gold for a cash, then you must choose the core gold buyers. When you search in the market, you will get know about lot jewellers to buy gold. But they mostly focus on their profit margins and hence offer lower value for your gold. You should find for the company who are into core gold buying business. The core gold buyer can guide you about the genuine gold buying process and offer the best possible value for your gold.

7. Check Gold Buying Certifications.

In India, buying gold is a legal service and needed some certification. So, it is necessary to check if the gold buyer to whom you are selling gold jewellery having right kind of certification. This adds a trust factor to customer, these authentications give a standard of buying gold process.

Step 2. Selling Gold Jewellery to Authentic Gold Buyers     

1. Know Your Gold Buying Authorized Bills.

Before selling gold jewellery you must have gold buying authorized bills from respective jewellery shop. Most of the time customer loss their bills and they get into trouble of selling. Selling Gold jewellery without bill may cause to lose your actual value of your gold jewellery.

Sometimes non-authentic jewellery shops takes advantage of this and they offer very less price for your gold jewellery. So it is important to have gold jewelry bills. If you do not find the bills you can contact to respective jewellery shop from where you buy those jewellery shops. Ask them to offer duplicate bill which may be available with their database.

2. Segregate Your Gold Jewellery Items as per Gold Carats.

Gold value is also depending on its carat value. Many times it happens that we might be having gold jewellery with different carats. So, it is necessary to sort those gold jewellery items as per its carat value. This will help you in understanding its actual value before selling any gold item.

You can use magnifying glass to check label stamps on gold jewellery where it will be clearly mentioned its carat value. Also if you see clearly you will get these letters “GF” or “GP”. This shows the gold is pleated on the surface of the that jewellery. Many times most of the jewellery shops do not buy these gold items, they only buy solid gold items.

It will be better if you could make separate small bags for each segregated gold items.

3. Know Your Gold Jewellery Weight.

This is very important step where you must take weight of each gold jewellery items. Because, here a local gold buyer or jewellery can cheat you in terms of its jewellery weight. You can also check these weight values on micro digital weighing scale, where you get actual weight value. Make a record of this and keep it with you for safety.

4. Check Gold Rate Before Selling Gold Jewellery.

We must know the online gold rate so that you can get most of your gold value. If we are constantly checking gold rate on day to day basis, we will get to know when the gold prices are getting raised. When gold prices are constantly getting dropped we might lose a great money while selling our valuable gold jewellery items. Nowadays, you can check gold rates online this gives an idea to sell gold jewellery at right time.

Likewise, you can get different quotes from different gold buyers to decide.

5. Find Customer Reviews or Testimonials.

Whenever we purchase anything we always consult with friends and relatives who have purchased the same thing previously. Same way when you decide to sell your gold look for relatives or friends who have sold their gold in past. This will help you to find the best gold buyers around you on the basis of their experiences. It is also preferable to search online to find reviews of different customers of selling their gold to the particular company where you may plan to sell your gold.

If you follow all the above things, then you will definitely get an ideal place to sell your precious gold for instant money. Sai Gold Trading is one of the reputed in the gold buying business who fulfills all above things and hence become the best suit to sell any kind gold.